Wine Bottle Cake

This cake was amazing! The wine crate was all cake covered in fondant and the wine bottle was rice crispy treats covered in fondant!


Modern Shower Cake

Here’s a cake from my cousin’s bridal shower, a four tiered fondant cake. The cake was square to make it feel more modern and the purple flowers were fondant and made to replicate the flowers on the invitations.

Red and Pink Cupcake Cake

We made this cake for my niece, a GIANT CUPCAKE! There’s a strawberry on top made of fondant and the sprinkles were Mike & Ike candies.

Pink and Green Birthday Cake

This was a topsy turvy cake we made for our cousin’s daughter’s 1st birthday. This was the first cake we made together and it came out great and we didn’t kill each other, which is a bonus:) The cake and party were girly, cheery, and fun!

Law School Graduation Cake

This was a law school graduation cake we made for my friend’s sister. Her sister graduated from the University of Miami’s Law School (Way to go!) so we incorporated the green and orange leaves at the top which are the school’s colors. We included a diploma, the year, and the scales of justice. Her party was in the fall and decorated with mums so we also incorporated the fall theme into the cake with the leaves.

Blue and White Confirmation Cake

This was a simple, but elegant cake for my nephew’s confirmation. I wanted the cross to look like a mosaic.

Fancy Nancy Cake

A super cute and super girly cake inspired by the book series Fancy Nancy. We made this for our cousin’s little girl’s 2nd birthday party and incorporated the party’s colors, feathers, and butterflies on the cake. It was fabulous, which is another word for great!