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Spanish 40th Birthday Cake

This cake was made for a 40th Birthday and we were asked to give it a Spanish flare.  We used red and purple colors and incorporated fan like designs and lots of feathers on top!


Treasure Chest Cake

This cake was for a little pirate’s birthday! The cake is all edible, including the lid. The jewels are real (real fakes, that is:) so the kids could wear them after the cake was cut and eaten up! Someone tried to open up the chest during the party because it looked so real! 

Sewing Cake

We made this cake for my aunt’s 90th birthday! She loves sewing and knitting so we made her a sewing basket cake all out of fondant! This cake was a blast to make and we hope she loved it!An up close picture of the pin cushion,made of  fondant and dragees. I got the idea after doing some research online.

Halloween 1st Birthday Cake

This cake was for my niece’s 1st birthday at the end of October. The theme was Halloween, but we wanted to make the cake a little girly by including red and pink. The fondant ghosts, black cats, and spiders were also covered in crystal sugar. The cake matched the party’s colors and decor and added some sweetness to a sweet little girl’s party!  We also made a small jack-o’-lantern cake that my niece could smash into.

Wine Bottle Cake

This cake was amazing! The wine crate was all cake covered in fondant and the wine bottle was rice crispy treats covered in fondant!

Red and Pink Cupcake Cake

We made this cake for my niece, a GIANT CUPCAKE! There’s a strawberry on top made of fondant and the sprinkles were Mike & Ike candies.

Pink and Green Birthday Cake

This was a topsy turvy cake we made for our cousin’s daughter’s 1st birthday. This was the first cake we made together and it came out great and we didn’t kill each other, which is a bonus:) The cake and party were girly, cheery, and fun!